A guessing game!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year :)

You get to dress up…
be creative…
and pretend to be someone/thing else!

Can you guess what I’m going to be this year?

Any clue what this is going to be?


So a few weeks back I got to be back on the field of Ohio Stadium for the first time since I graduated.
We were there for Om-H-I-O… yoga in the Horseshoe.
We got there early…
and played on the field a bit.
It was a beautiful day and an amazing experience!
I’m missing that weather [and Ohio] already!

Buckeyes end zone!Handstands in the end zone :)So excited to be in the Shoe!Kristin Daugherty can JUMP :)Football field funSo many people!Waiting to do yoga...Beautiful day in the Shoe

This has gotta be a good life…

Friday I took a drive.
I rolled the windows down.
I turned the radio up.
I soaked in the sunny summer-like weather.
I breathed in the sent of fall.
my mind automatically thought… I LOVE MY LIFE.

I was surprised.  I know you shouldn’t be surprised when you love your life… you should be thankful… and I am.  After a year of trials and heartache and not being where I want to be… I finally feel like I’m on my way.

this has gotta be a good life...
“… it does make you realize that so much of the joy of it is the journey. The struggle is such a lovely part of it.” — Emma Stone

♥ Janell

cupcake joy!

He’d been asking about the cupcakes for hours before the party.
He wasn’t allowed to have one until it was time to blow out the candles.
It took me 30 seconds of yelling his name to make him look up for the 2nd photo.
Totally worth the wait!

best cupcake ever!May you find as much enjoyment from your day as Coop got from this cupcake :)