A Love Affair…

Silver Image Gallery: Columbus, OH

I store my old Polaroids in microfilm boxes in a purse on a shelf under my desk.

Ohio Stadium: Columbus, Ohio

Every once in a while I pull them out.

Buca Di Beppo: Columbus, OH

They bring back memories from not so long ago but feel like they are from a different lifetime.

Ohio State: Columbus, OH

They have their own distinct smell.

Too's: Columbus, OH

They have their own distinct feel.

Lake Park: Coshocton, OH

They are a bit of magic, an instant frozen within white borders.

Ruth Ave: Cincinnati, OH

I’ve always had a love affair with instant photos.

Hopkins Hall Gallery: Columbus, OH


3 comments on “A Love Affair…

  1. I seriously love following your blog :)

  2. janellnicole says:

    You made my week lovely! :) You really did!

  3. Missy says:

    The love you have for what excites you has followed me and inspired me to this day. Thank you!

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