This year I am most thankful for:

This year I am most thankful for:

A drive that keeps me reaching for Ohio.
Sunshine and rain and Rainn Wilson.
Knowledge that heartache does not last forever.
A little voice on the other end of the phone, who, when I say, “Hi Cooper!” responds, “Me-maw it’s Nent Nell!”
The fact that even when it feels like there is no possible way there could be a tomorrow, tomorrow comes.
Hope in the many possibilities that will create the next year of my life :)

Pizza on Thanksgiving!

Miss Dianna allowed us to have pizza on Thanksgiving Day because we were going to have a big family dinner the day after :)

It is hard to be a Grinch…

I hate the cold.
I am really not looking forward to winter.
In my book… snow is a four letter word.
But today… today it is snowing like mad… and I cannot get the smile off my face.
The radio is playing fabulous music.
My work seems to be doing itself.
And… I get to wear blue barn boots with a polka-doted skirt.

It has officially snowed in Muncie...Oh yes… and I looked like a snowman when I got to work today… perfect!

May your inner Grinch remain burried on such a perfect day :)