The winds of change are in the air.  Can you feel them?  It feels, all around me, like something big is about to happen!  Some people might say that it’s just the change in seasons or in weather… but I think it’s more than that!

Road I'm On

Maybe it’s just my heart yearning for something different… a new adventure.  Whatever it is… it has put a smile on my face that won’t go away :)


I believe that if I keep putting in the work and effort God will open opportunities and life will fall into place as it should, when it should.

That being said… I need to work on having:

Hope – that I will make it back to Ohio.

Patience – when it doesn’t happen as soon as I’d like it to.

Courage – to not settle, but continue pushing myself forward.

my Ohio backyard :)


Dear CP–

I love you with every ounce of my being :)  You are my first niece… and I can’t believe the amazingly smart, talented, and beaufiful young woman you’re growing into!  I can remember being TERRIFIED to hold you for the first time in the hospital.  You were so round and pink and perfect!  Hopefully sooner than later I will be living closer to you… so I can come to your ball games and cheer as loud as your mama.  Don’t you dare forget how special you are… and how much you are loved!  Happy happy birthday (a month late)!

–Aunt Nell

CP turns 14! from Janell Strouse on Vimeo.


Some days it is hard to stay positive.
Some days it is difficult to get off of the [un]merry-go-round that keeps you in a circle of pessimism.
Some days it is challenging to not think you can do no right and that everyone is out to get you.

On days like today I go get coffee and a brownie.
I sit alone… close my eyes… and take a deep breath in.
I think to myself, “things are not as bad as they seem.”

And when that doesn’t work… the awesome people in my life step in with more brownies!
I really am blessed.  I am so thankful for my health… my job… my home… my family… my friends… and that bad days are just days that come few and far between.




I think I am going to try to do all of my Christmas shopping on Etsy this year… supporting artisans and finding really unique gifts.  Below are a few of my favorite things/shops.  I do believe I could browse this site for hours and hours and never get bored… oh wait… I have!












Hope you’ve had a fabulous Wednesday!


Dear Miss Kimmie Jo:

I want to thank you for always being so awesomely you.  I love that on the day you go out and buy me a card (which we never do by the way), you get home and there is a card from me waiting in your mailbox.  I love that whenever Hanson is in Columbus we drop everything to get our Mmmbop on.  I love that you know me well enough to see through all my defense mechanisms (directed at you or others).
You are my soulmate Kimmie Jo.  Boys may come and go from our lives, but one thing that is for sure is that we will always be there for each other :)

<3 you,

Nella Nicole

Kimmie Jo and Nella Nicole


I feel like I fell asleep during July’s heat wave and woke up to September.  Sometimes I just don’t know where the time goes!  Fall is officially here… along with all the lovely things that make fall so wonderful [football, sweaters, campfires, pumpkins, Halloween, friends].

This weekend I met up with an old friend and finally got to test out the photobooth at Club 185 in German Village… and PS… photobooths are my favorite :)

Club 185 Photobooth Strip

If you want to know more about photobooths… find a photobooth… see some really amazing photobooth artists… check out!