CF Walk

A few weekends ago was the annual CF Walk.  My best friend Kimmie Jo has Cystic Fibrosis (click the link to find out more/to donate).  I haven’t done the walk in far too long.  Below are some silly photos of the day’s events.

Kimmie Jo’s team the Rollins Rowdies raised $2445 for CF Research!  Awesome job guys :)

Thought for the day: what do you want?

That’s your problem, you know that? You don’t do what you want.

–The Notebook

Last night… while my mind was running its usual thought circles… I put on the Notebook for background noise… trying to get some sleep during the daylight hours… but the above quote really resonated with me.  It’s funny you know.  I’ve spent the majority of my life being accommodating… to other people… to my own circumstances… I bend.  Recently though… I’ve just been unhappy.  It is scary for me to think about… let alone say out loud… what I really want.  What if I don’t get it?  What if everything I’ve been counting on… relying on… just goes away?  Well… I guess the answer is I’d be unhappy for a little while… and then I’d move on.  Right now I’m just unhappy… so what better time to try and figure out what I really want?

Flashback… Polite…

I remember many many many years ago… I might have been in 5th grade… the age of sheer silliness… when my mother declared TONIGHT IS GOING TO BE A GROWNUP DINNER.  We were going out to dinner with my aunt and uncle and family from D.C.  I suppose she didn’t want them thinking she had raised a heathen… or that we lived in a barn… problem is that when you tell a giggly little girl and her best friend to be on their best behavior in such a serious uncharacteristic tone… you are asking for all the ridiculousness that ever existed to come bubbling out!  Out of all the dinners we had with my aunt and uncle… that is the one we ALL remember :)

me, cousin Scott, Jaala

Krystal and Anthony

Once upon a time… on a very windy day… the sun came out for a brief appearance… and I got the opportunity to photograph Krystal and Anthony… who are so obviously in love I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was shooting/editing these photos… the end :)