Dear Big Sister…

I must admit… when I was little and you were in charge… you were not my favorite.  I’m sure I didn’t make things easy on you!  But when you went away to college and I was in kindergarten… I would be so excited to come visit.  You even sent me mail with special tokens!  Do you remember that?  And then you got married and had beautiful babies that became my world.  I love coming home and visiting your chaotically happy home.  I can now say… without a doubt… you are my favorite :)  You are the best big sister a girl could ever ask for!  Happy happy birthday Big Sis!

A much needed catch up…

Today was wonderful… THANK YOU COURTNEY!  :)

It’s been almost a year since I saw my dear friend Courtney.  She was part of my photo family back in college.  We spent 45 minutes catching up today… and vowed to have a phone date every week.  I remember she was in the photo lab and helped me develop my first black and white photo… she was in a class ahead of me but still took the time to help out a struggling photo kid.  I can’t remember what the photo was of… but I do remember her being there helping guide me through!  Thank you Courtney for never giving up on me and always being there.  :)  I don’t know what I’d of done w/out you!

I spent my lunch hour scouring through old photo CD’s and continued long after I got off work.  I’ve decided a few things about college…

  1. Holy cow I needed to cover up more… if I were Miss Dianna (my mother) I’d of a) beat me silly and b) surgically added a turtleneck to my upper half!
  2. When everything felt overwhelming… when I made silly decisions… when nothing could possibly go right… my photo family was there… I look forward to renewing that bond… even if some of us end up in Egypt, South Korea, or stay in that most wonderful of towns… Columbus!
  3. We might have learned a thing or two about f-stops… and found a favorite photographer on a historical time-line… but boy oh boy were we clueless about the world beyond the OSU Stadium!
  4. College was a blast.  I met some fabulous people there… and I’m so thankful for the experience!